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The Best for Optometry in Tucson and Nearby Areas

Optometrists provide primary health care for the eye. Optometrists perform eye exams and vision tests, prescribe and dispense corrective lenses, detect eye abnormalities, and prescribe medications for eye diseases.

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What an Optometrist Does

We offer various optometry services in Tucson and the neighboring areas to keep your eyes comfortable and seeing clearly.

  • Perform eye exams and vision tests.

  • Prescribe and fit eyeglasses and contact lenses

  • Monitor medically related eye conditions related to diseases like diabetes

  • Manage and treat conditions like Dry Eye and glaucoma

  • Provide low-vision aids and vision therapy

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Tucson Office and Surgery Center

5599 N Oracle Rd
Tucson, AZ 85704
Phone: 520-293-6740
Fax: 520-293-6771

Oro Valley Office

10425 N Oracle Rd Suite 135
Tucson, AZ 85737
Phone: 520-293-6740
Fax: 520-293-6771

Arizona Eye Laser Center

6837 N Oracle Rd Suite 135
Tucson, AZ 85704
Phone: 520-293-6740
Fax: 520-293-6771