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Each of our offices includes a complete optical facility. We offer the latest in frame and lens technology with the services of licensed opticians skilled in helping our clients select the ideal eyewear.


Fishkind, Bakewell, Maltzman & Hunter Optical shops are all staffed by highly skilled, knowledgeable, licensed opticians. As part of our philosophy of providing premium products and advanced technology, we insist that our staff meet a very high standard of education and skill. Though licensed opticians are not a requirement for optical facilities, we require that all our optical staff maintain current dispensing opticians’ certification and attend regular continuing education courses.

Our staff will take the time to listen to you, determine your needs, select appropriate eyewear, and properly fit your new glasses. We will also stand behind our products, and will help you resolve any issues in the unlikely event that you are not happy with your eyewear. In short, we provide a level of service and quality far beyond that available at a large chain or discount store optical shop.

In today’s world, eyewear for the computer user, for the athlete, the musician, or even the serious recreational reader are all readily available. It takes a well trained optician and the services of a committed optical facility to provide all the information needed to select appropriate eyewear. Stop in today and let us share with you all that the industry has to offer.


Frame technology has changed considerably over the last decade. The use of materials such as titanium, stainless steel, and other modern alloys has led to the development of products which are both extremely durable as well as very light and comfortable. We remain committed to staying at the cutting edge of this new technology, offering you the latest in both function and fashion. As newer frame products come to market, our optical staff continues to explore and preview them all, selecting the most advanced, fashion-forward products for our clients.

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As with frames, lens technology continues to advance rapidly. The popularity of progressive lenses (the “no line bifocal”) has generated increased research and development of lenses that are both cosmetically appealing and extremely functional, providing outstanding vision from distance to near. This technology has been advancing rapidly, and many who have had past difficulties with this type of lens will now be quite impressed with the quality of their vision.

Recent advances have also brought about much thinner and lighter lens materials. Patients who once had to settle for thick, unattractive lenses can now reap the benefits of ultra-thin new materials. These lenses are optically and cosmetically superior, not to mention significantly more comfortable to wear due to reduced weight. The Fishkind and Bakewell optical shops maintain contact with all the major manufacturers of quality lenses to assure that we provide our clients with the very best of the new technology in a timely manner.

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