Lens Option

The following provides additional detail about the lens technology offered at Fishkind, Bakewell & Maltzman optical shops.

Lens Materials

  • Plastic hard resin lenses (CR-39)
    • Available in more styles and sizes than any other material. Known for being reasonably priced, good optics, tints well.
  • Polycarbonate
    • The most impact resistant material. Best choice for safety lenses, children’s lenses. Always comes with scratch guard and U.V. filter. Does not tint well. Prone to peripheral distortion, especially in larger frames. Also known to produce chromatic aberration (distortion of colors). Should not be used without anti-reflective coating (see below)
  • Mid-index plastics (Phoenix, Trivex, Trilogy)
    • Newer generation of lenses which combine many of the features of plastic hard resins and polycarbonate. Designed to be thin and light, without the negatives of polycarbonate. Considered similar to Resolution but with greater availability of styles and sizes. Generally manufactured as a “non-aspheric” product which is beneficial in that it tends to be flatter, with less distortion problems.
  • Hi-index plastics (1.6, 1.67, 1.74)
    • Specifically designed for the patient with very strong prescriptions. These lenses are quite flat, making the addition of an anti-reflective coating (see below) imperative. The most advanced of all lenses.

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