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Is LASIK Eye Surgery Right for You?

If you've heard about LASIK, you may be wondering if you're a good candidate for this type of eye surgery or not. Many people with refractive errors, such as astigmatism, nearsightedness, or farsightedness, can have this surgery to reshape their corneas to see better. To ensure that you have the greatest chance of success, trust a qualified ophthalmologist who has performed this type of eye surgery before. If you're in the Tucson and Oro Valley area, you will find an experienced eye surgeon at Fishkind, Bakewell, Maltzman & Hunter Eye Care and Surgery Center.


What Are the Benefits of LASIK?

LASIK surgery has been around for a quarter of a century. As a time-tested method of correcting refractive errors, it has a high success rate. Up to 96% of patients meet their goals for their visual acuity after the procedure.

Another benefit of LASIK is the procedure's ability to reduce or eliminate a patient's need for corrective lenses. Many people no longer need glasses or contacts after having this type of eye surgery.

LASIK eye surgery is painless. After the procedure, you will need follow-up visits with your ophthalmologist to verify your eyes are healing properly and your vision is improving.

Lastly, even if your vision changes, you can still live without glasses. A skilled eye surgeon can make adjustments to your eyes with subsequent surgeries if your vision changes.

How To Choose a Good LASIK Eye Surgeon?

As with all surgical procedures, you should thoroughly research your options to find the best surgeon for you. First, check to see if your routine vision insurance plan provides a discount with your surgeon or the facility. Second, verify that your surgeon is local to your area and will be available for your post-operative care.

Find a facility that has high-quality equipment and experienced surgeons and staff. Also, carefully research the experience of the eye surgeons you have under consideration. Find one who has a good rate of success over a long history of performing eye surgeries.

Why Our Facility Is a Great Eye Care Center for Your Eye Surgery

We know that you have a choice of several surgeons and locations for your LASIK surgery and our team of experts look forward to providing the highest quality care to ensure the success of your LASIK procedure. Our experienced surgeons, high-tech equipment, and personalized care provide you with the best outcomes for your vision. Your LASIK procedure also includes a year of follow up exams to ensure you maintain your best possible vision.

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Your vision is just as important to us as it is to you, which is why we offer you only the best in eye care at our Tucson facility. Call us at 520-293-6740 if you have any questions about our procedures and surgeons. You can also schedule an appointment for your complimentary LASIK screening online. Let our professional, experienced staff at Fishkind, Bakewell, Maltzman & Hunter Eye Care and Surgery Center help you to see better through LASIK eye surgery.

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