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Cataract Symptoms, Causes, and Treatments From Your Ophthalmologist


Cataracts occur when the natural lens of the eye hardens and becomes cloudy over time.  This causes vision issues and eventually a complete loss of eyesight. 

What are the Symptoms of Cataracts?

Those with cataracts may complain of blurry vision, a loss of night vision, seeing double or viewing bright colors as faded or as having a yellow tint. Those suffering from cataracts will also need more light to see with during the daytime and may complain of sensitivity to light or halos around lights. The problems with vision will lead most to obtain a prescription for eyeglasses or to change prescriptions and to switch between eyeglasses and contact lenses frequently.
Since cataract development is a gradual process, symptoms will appear and become worse over time. This condition is most prevalent in the elderly. It is recommended that people see a doctor if they experience flashes of light, sudden eye pain, or sudden headaches.

What are the Causes of Cataracts?

Specific genetic disorders can play a role in the development of cataracts. As the genetic disorder develops and progresses, it can create the right conditions for cataracts to form.
There are other contributing factors that lead to the development of cataracts: diabetes, smoking, obesity, eye injury, excessive alcohol, high blood pressure, prolonged exposure to certain medications, eye surgery, and age.

Treatment for Cataracts

To date, the only effective treatment for cataracts is eye surgery. Most of these surgeries are done on an out-patient basis and are widely considered to be routine. To determine whether or not cataract surgery is necessary, an ophthalmologist must perform an eye exam and diagnose the patient with cataracts.

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