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Why It Is Important To Seek Treatment For Glaucoma Right Away

Does glaucoma run in your family? You may be at risk of developing this life-altering eye condition. Fishkind, Bakewell, Maltzman, Hunter & Associates Eye Care & Surgery Center treats a range of eye conditions, including glaucoma. Read below to learn more about this serious eye condition and why it is essential to see an ophthalmologist for an eye exam.

What is Glaucoma?

Glaucoma is a group of eye disorders that causes damage to the optic nerve. The function of the eye's optic nerve is to carry visual messages from the retina to the brain. This retina-to-brain connection plays a vital role in providing vision, and damage to it can lead to severe vision loss or blindness. A major risk factor for glaucoma is an abnormally high amount of pressure in the eye, which can be caused by genetic factors, an injury to the eye, or medical conditions like hypertension, heart disease, or diabetes.   Other risk factors include age, race, family history and low blood pressure.  

When to Seek Eye Care

Regardless of your current state of eye health, it is always a good idea to visit an ophthalmology clinic once a year for an eye exam, as this can help diagnose conditions in their early stages. If you are experience symptoms of glaucoma such as throbbing eye pain, headaches, blurry vision, red eyes, or seeing halos around lights, then schedule an appointment right away with our ophthalmologists for a comprehensive eye exam and treatment. Letting these symptoms go unchecked or untreated can result in visual impairment, which cannot be reversed.

Don’t Let Glaucoma Affect Your Vision

Glaucoma can affect how you go about your daily life, and your vision cannot be recovered once lost. Our dedicated team of professional ophthalmologists offers state-of-the-art equipment to detect eye diseases like glaucoma and modern treatment to reduce the progression of them. Contact Fishkind, Bakewell, Maltzman, Hunter & Associates Eye Care & Surgery Center today to schedule an appointment. Feel free to use our online service to request an appointment or simply call our ophthalmology team at 520-293-6740.

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