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  • Eye Glasses
    You only have one set of eyes, which is why it is important to take care of them. If you wear corrective lenses, you want to choose the right glasses Read more
  • Refractive Surgery FAQs
    Frequently Asked Questions About Refractive Eye Surgery Refractive eye surgery is a procedure that reshapes the eye's cornea or lens. The goal of the surgery is to correct certain refractive issues Read more
  • Glaucoma Management FAQs
    Glaucoma is an eye disease that affects the optic nerve, and it usually occurs when there is high pressure in the eyes. It generally affects patients that are older than Read more
  • What is Pigment Dispersion Syndrome
    What is Pigment Dispersion Syndrome? Pigment dispersion syndrome (PDS) is a disorder of the eye that has to do with the pigment that is in the iris of the eye. It Read more
  • What to Expect During Eye Surgery
    Undergoing eye surgery can be quite stressful. Regardless of what kind of surgery you need, having someone working on your eye is a very intimate experience. At Fishkind, Bakewell, Maltzman, Read more
  • What to Expect from LASIK Eye Surgery
    LASIK eye surgery offers a means of correcting refractive vision errors, so you don’t have to use eyeglasses or contacts to improve your sight. If you’re considering undergoing laser eye Read more
  • General Eye Health and Safety
    Eye Health and Safety Is a Daily Task Daily eye health and safety is easy to do and depends on what you plan to do that day, and what conditions your Read more
  • Now Offering Eyhance and Vivity Premium Lenses
    Eyhance and Vivity Premium Lenses for Better Vision If your vision is currently impacted by cataracts, it is essential to schedule an appointment with one of our ophthalmologists for proper treatment. Read more
  • Light Adjustable Lens for Cataract Treatment
    If you are suffering from cataracts and wish to have cataract surgery, you should consider a light adjustable lens (LAL) as one of your options. This lens allows your vision Read more
  • Common Questions About Ophthalmology
    Common Questions About Ophthalmology Ophthalmologists are specialized medical doctors who handle eye surgery and other medical problems affecting the eyes. While optometrists can handle many medical conditions, if you need eye Read more
  • Eye Safety During the Holidays
    Eye Safety During The Holidays  The holiday season is a beautiful time of the year when we get to spend quality time with family and friends. While it's essential to enjoy Read more
  • Who is a good candidate for PRK?
    Who Is a Good Candidate for PRK? PRK stands for photorefractive keratectomy. It is a refractive laser surgical procedure for reshaping your cornea, altering how light passes through your eye. It Read more
  • Your Vision in the Senior Years
    Your Vision in Senior Years Our eyes can deteriorate as we age, just like the rest of our bodies. Aging eyes can have a huge impact on the way that you Read more
  • Tips to Prepare for Your Upcoming Eye Surgery
    Tips to Prepare for Your Upcoming Eye Surgery Preparing for surgery can be stressful, and preparing for eye surgery is no different. Feeling uncertain is perfectly natural. To help ease your Read more
  • What Is Pigment Dispersion Syndrome
    Pigment Dispersion Syndrome Eyes are delicate and can suffer from a huge variety of different conditions. For those that have eye problems like pigment dispersion syndrome, finding a great eye doctor Read more
  • What is Refractive Eye Surgery? Is it Right For You?
    What Is Refractive Eye Surgery? Is It Right For You? Do you suffer from a refractive vision error like astigmatism, farsightedness, nearsightedness, or presbyopia? If so, you may be eligible for Read more

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