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What To Expect During a Contact Lens Fitting

If you are getting contact lenses for the first time, you may be a bit concerned about the whole process. This is natural. We at Fishkind, Bakewell, Maltzman, Hunter and Associates Eye Care & Surgery Center in Tucson completely understand. We have been providing the best in eye care to patients of all ages in Tucson and environs for over 30 years.

Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are thin plastic lenses that fit over the clear front part of your eye, known as the cornea. For folks with vision problems, contact lenses offer one of the best tools available to see better. They can correct a host of eye problems including near- and farsightedness as well as astigmatism. Almost invisible to others, they enable you to conduct your daily affairs without traditional eyeglasses.

Contact lenses are made by mixing a special type of plastic with water. The water makes the contact softer and enables oxygen to pass from the ambient air back and forth to the eye.

What Happens at a Contact Lens Fitting

The principal goal of your contact lens fitting is simple to find and provide the most appropriate lenses for your particular vision requirements. There is a wide variety of types, colors styles, and sizes of contacts to choose from. When you come in, we will find the type and brand that’s the most comfortable for you and provides the best vision correction. Our eyes come in different sizes and have different widths between each eye.

We Can Help

Your eye health and vision are extremely important. At Fishkind, Bakewell, Maltzman, Hunter and Associates Eye Care & Surgery Center in Tucson, we are grateful that you put your trust in us. We look forward to providing you with the very best eye care in a relaxed, comfortable manner. You can also reach us on our Contact Us page on our website.