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How our patients see it:

“It had been a childhood dream of mine to have my eyes corrected since I was 7 years old, as I’ve been utterly dependent on glasses/contacts to do life. 20 years later, and after lots of research and preparation I knew exactly what I wanted – PRK. PRK was ideal for me given my thin corneas and large pupil, and also preferable for less complications long-term. I allocated 3 week off from work to allow myself enough time to heal. Dr Fishkind was extremely thorough, and provided me the utmost confidence in his ability (and the Laser’s ability) to correct my eyes. The day of surgery, I was extremely excited, and after the painless short 20 minute procedure under the Laser, I was able to see the clock on the wall without glasses/contacts for the first time since I can remember! I was well prepared for what was to come in the following days, and was surprised by how functional I was from the start – I was expecting to be blind for a few days, but I could get around and do most household activities, no problem. The largest problem I had was relative itchiness/scratchiness (think “dirty contact lens” feeling) and some light sensitivity for the first week. Once the contact bandage was taken off (day 5), my vision was 20/40, and by 1.5 weeks after my surgery, I was able to see 20/20! I have had zero complications and no dry eye since the removal of the contact bandage. Everything went beautifully, and I got to enjoy the extra time off from work with my new eyes! It was without question one of the best life decisions ever!”

Dylan Martin (PRK)

“Before the procedure I was a little nervous but Dr. Bakewell explained everything very well and put me at ease. The procedure was fast and painless. After the procedure I had about 3 days of discomfort but was still able to rest. When the bandage contacts were removed and I looked at the eye chart and was able to see clearly it was amazing! Now, a year later being able to wake up and see is extraordinary. It has been Life changing. I am now able to focus on what I am doing instead of constantly pushing my glasses up or getting drops in because my eyes are dry from contacts. I would recommend this to anyone who no longer wants to depend on corrective lenses. Thank you Dr. Bakewell.”

S. Moritz (PRK)

“My overall experience was great! Candace did an excellent job explaining all my options. Dr. Bakewell worked his magic and I am now glasses free for the first time in 30 years. I do still need readers. My active lifestyle has improved. I am not switching back and forth with frames. I am free. The staff were always friendly and helpful. I really appreciated the follow-ups and the one stop shopping. I felt very safe during the entire experience. I recommend FBM”

T. Tuck (LASIK)

“I was nervous before my ICL’s because I was new to Dr. Bakewell and I had never had eye surgery before. When the surgery was done I was stunned how well I could see. 24 hours after the surgery I could see 20/20 in each eye. I haven’t seen that well in 25 years. I have already started working on my brother- he is planning on getting ICL’s too! I’ve started collecting sunglasses, which I never could do before. Dr. Bakewell and his staff are amazing. I couldn’t be happier.”

G. Stoltz (ICL)