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October 14, 2010:
Local doctors talk medical marijuana.” Dr. Maltzman was interviewed by KVOA news about this issue, with an appearance in the televised news report.

March 13, 2010:
More risks of hormone replacement therapy (HRT)?: A recent study suggests that women taking hornone replacement therapy are more likely to need cataract surgery.

March 1, 2010:
American Glaucoma Society position statement: marijuana and the treatment of glaucoma. Smoking marijuana is known to lower intraocular pressure, and is often questioned as a possible treatment for glaucoma. This statement reviews the current scientific evidence regarding the use of marijuana in the treatment of this chronic disease.

June 29, 2008:
CDC recommends shingles vaccine. In May the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended that everyone age 60 and older be vaccinated against shingles, or herpes zoster. Shingles often affects the eye, and can lead to significant morbidity and loss of vision. Click the link to learn more about the vaccine.

October 21, 2007:
“Tucson blessed with altruistic doctors,” a profile of Dr. Bakewell at the St. Elizabeth’s Health Center, Arizona Daily Star (.pdf)